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5 myths about entrepreneurship (part 1 of 3)

I was invited by UCSI University in Malaysia to give a talk on entrepreneurship in their inaugural SEE (Student Entrepreneurial Experience) Conference.

I put together the following slides for the event.

Here are the notes of the slides and I noticed that I have missed some of them during the talk.

Slide 1
Cover page:
UCSI University Student Entrepreneurial Experience Conference 2015
Five MYTHS about Entrepreneurship
Stanley Chee

Slide 2
A recent photo of me and my wife in Tblisi, Georgia. She started a new business importing naturally semi-sweet wine from Georgia to Malaysia.

Slide 3
Many businesses that I am involved in, also illustrated my fair share of successes and failures in businesses.

I now run a digital marketing agency, Gapture.  Gapture is a certified Google Partner and I am a certified Google regional trainer.

UPDATE (2019-07-10): I have exited Gapture in October 2018.

Slide 4 & 5
At peak, OffGamers - an online store serving gamers worldwide, one of the businesses that I co-founded with two other partners, employed 180 people in three offices, across Malaysia and China.  Also, that was me in the red circle, with much more hair.  That is one of the things that entrepreneurship did to me.

Entrepreneurship show of hands taking challenges

Slide 6
I asked the audience, "By show of hands, how many of you here is already an entrepreneur, or would like to become one?"  Around 70% of the crowd raised their hands.

I then asked, "How many of you are willing and like to take challenges?"  60% of the crowd still have their hands up.

Then I challenged them, "How many of you, are willing to take a challenge on the stage now?"  Only 10% left with their hands up.

First I asked those that are here in Student Entrepreneurial Experience conference why are they here wasting their afternoon if they don't intend to be an entrepreneur.  Are they here to just watch others being one?

Second, I asked those that want to become an entrepreneur but don't like to take challenges what are they thinking?  Challenges are the only thing guaranteed in entrepreneurship.

Third, I asked those that said that they like challenges and willing to take it, what happened when I asked them to take the challenge on the stage now?  5 out of 6 of them dropped their hands.  I asked those who dropped their hands to think about what were the reasons or excuses they gave themselves for not taking the challenge.

Some of you like to be entrepreneurs, because your friends are entrepreneurs or you think it is a trendy thing to do.  A lot of you may think that you have what it takes to become one.  But when it actually boils down to the actual hard work, long working hours, sleepless night, no more time for boy friend or girl friend, or even family, how many of you are still willing to do it?  For how long are you willing to do it?

5 myths about entrepreneurship (part 2 of 3)
5 myths about entrepreneurship (part 3 of 3)

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