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The price you pay for fear

I was talking to my mom about investing in lands and she was telling me all the stories she read in newspapers about how people got their lands transacted without their consents and how the lawyers and land office personnel teamed up to cheat the land owners.  She told me that that was the reason she didn't invest in lands, the fear of being cheated. Photo credit: Samer Daboul I was brought up in a family that is very prudent and skeptical about almost everything, especially opportunities.  I have to admit that it has served me well in some situations but most of the time it made me paranoid about every single thing in life.  It is good to be prudent and careful, I was told. After all, the chance of getting cheated is much less. There are already many people making money from renting out rooms on Airbnb.  At the meantime, there are still many people who are afraid that the items in their unit get stolen and afraid that the guests ruin their place, etc. There are people