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5 myths about entrepreneurship (part 3 of 3)

Slide 12: What Is In For Me? Now that I bursted all the myths and bubbles, why am I still running a business?  Other than I like to torture myself, here are some of the reasons. Lots of Learning: If you love to learn, this is where all the learning is.  As OffGamers grew, I noticed that none of the partners have any knowledge in financials and I decided to attend the CFA course.  Even though I didn't pass the exam, I learnt enough about financials.  I also learnt more about law and trademark after we received the first lawyer letter. Entrepreneurship expose you to all areas of business, not just a very narrow scope as an employee in MNC. Lots of Challenges: Economy outlook, GST, currency, haze, etc, are all challenges.  If you don't like challenge, please stay away from entrepreneurship. Self Discovery: I figured that everything that didn't work in the company or business can be reflected back to me.  For example, when we can't hit sales target in Gaptu

5 myths about entrepreneurship (part 2 of 3)

Slide 7: Myth #1 - I Will Have Flexible Time For the first 5 years of OffGamers, I don't remember taking any vacation and all partners worked through most of the public holidays.  My phone is next to me when I go to bed, as OffGamers is an online store running 24/7.  Good thing about online store is that we have orders and sales coming in even when we are sleeping, bad thing is that there are also complaints and issues coming in 24/7. It took us about 7 years and 120 pax later, to be able to work 9 to 5, and have annual leaves like other employees. “Entrepreneurship is working hard for 40 hours per week so that you can save enough to start a business and work 60 hours per week.”  I can't seem to find the author of the quote. Slide 8: Myth #2 - I Will be Super Rich I am still getting less pay than my first job as a programmer in USA.  Most business owners pay themselves very low as most profit are put back into growing their business.  Grabcar and Uber drivers make

5 myths about entrepreneurship (part 1 of 3)

I was invited by UCSI University in Malaysia to give a talk on entrepreneurship in their inaugural SEE (Student Entrepreneurial Experience) Conference. I put together the following slides for the event. Five MYTHS about Entrepreneurship (UCSI University, 2015) from Stanley Chee Here are the notes of the slides and I noticed that I have missed some of them during the talk. Slide 1 Cover page: UCSI University Student Entrepreneurial Experience Conference 2015 Five MYTHS about Entrepreneurship Stanley Chee Slide 2 A recent photo of me and my wife in Tblisi, Georgia. She started a new business importing naturally semi-sweet wine from Georgia to Malaysia. Slide 3 Many businesses that I am involved in, also illustrated my fair share of successes and failures in businesses. I now run a digital marketing agency, Gapture.  Gapture is a certified Google Partner and I am a certified Google regional trainer. UPDATE (2019-07-10): I have exited Gapture in October