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Business decision to work from home (WFH) permanently

One of the best things that came out of Covid-19 pandemic is that our company has decided to work from home (work remotely), permanently.  Before the whole ordeal of Covid-19, we have been practising 2 days per week work from home (WFH), so we have got a head start on this.  The last 1.5 month of MCO (movement control order) or lockdown in the three cities that we operate in is just the final acid test on whether we could go permanent work remotely (PWR). Photo credit: GettyImages As a measure to stretch the runway of our startup, we have found all ways to reduce our monthly expenses, including a company-wide pay cut.  After rounds of discussion between my co-founder and I, we have decided to cut the office instead of an additional 13% pay cut in order to maintain the office.  The expenses involved are office and co-working space rental, utilities, internet services, courier services, office cleaning and upkeep. Going officeless is a bold move as most people that have visited