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Malaysian woman searching for her son separated at birth

If you are a Malaysian male (of Chinese/Malay ethnicity) and were born on October 28, 1977 (plus minus a week), please read on.

You may have been told by your parents that you were adopted at birth, or you may doubt that you were adopted, or you may even have started looking for your birth parents with no avail.

Photo credit: Luciana Ferraz
I have just got to know that a friend's mom has a son who she has given away at birth.  She was then a 19-year-old young lady and she wasn't sure what to do with the unexpected pregnancy.  She insisted on not aborting the baby and followed her mom's advice to give the baby away when the baby was delivered in a clinic in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.  She didn't get to see the baby at all and the only information she had was that the couple who adopted the baby are Malaysians (of Chinese ethnicity) in their 40's back then.  Her mom has passed on now and she has limited information on where to look for her son.

She is a grandma in her 50's now and she has never given up hope to see her son again.  All she hope for is that her son could understand why she did what she did and she also hope for forgiveness from him.

The loose regulation in Malaysia on adoption back in the 1970's leave no trace of this incident.  The only hope we have is that with the help of social media, we will be able to reunite this mother and son as soon as possible.

All the readers out there, kindly share this link on your Facebook and Twitter, especially if you are in your 30's and 40's.  We need this message to reach as much people in Malaysia as possible and hopefully the son or his friends and family members get to see this and inform him.  Your one-click on the share button signifies hope, love and care.

Please leave a comment and your contact if you have any information.  Thank you.

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