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Going green in the office

Going green to me means being easy on the environment, but whatever we are implementing must also make sense (it can't be too tedious for users) and cents (it has to be same or lower in cost).  Here are some "Go Green" strategies that we have implemented in the office: Office Printer When shopping for our new printer, the requirements are: Laser printer with separate drum and toner unit.   Laser toner is much more economic than inkjets and we also make sure the laser printer we are getting have separate drum and toner unit as the drum unit usually have longer life cycle than the toner. Duplex printing , so that we can save on papers by printing on both sides of the paper without manually flipping and re-feeding the papers. Extra tray for recycle papers (papers that have been printed on one side only).  Please note that we only feed the tray with recycle papers that do not contain confidential information. Scan-to-email function.   Together with a virtual