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Company phone/fax numbers without hefty PABX system

We need a phone number for the company for general inquiries, support and also as a back-up number just in case a particular mobile number is not reachable.  This number will be printed and published on all our marketing materials, including letterhead, business cards, website, invoices, etc. Photo credit: Joenibraw Challenges We want as minimal hardware investment as possible and we always have the idea of able to have the whole company work outside the office when necessary. Simple solution will just be getting another mobile phone number and a dedicated mobile phone, to be carried by whoever responsible to answer the incoming calls.  However, we are afraid that having a mobile phone number as our company number would give the impression of a fly-by-night company or a freelancer. Solutions that We Adopted We came across a radio ads from our local telco, Maxis, promoting Unity Hotline service, where we can get a 1-700 hotline number and all incoming calls will be forwar