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Stanley Chee is a serial entrepreneur.  He has recently co-founded a new tech startup called SalesCandy® - an action-based lead management system that instantly route leads to salespeople.  He was the CEO and co-founder of Gapture® Malaysia, a digital marketing agency in Malaysia specialized in leads generation for property developer and education clients.

He was also one of the three co-founders of OffGamers® back in 2002.  OffGamers has now grown to a size of over 100 employees, serving more than half a million online and mobile gamers worldwide.

Before his serial entrepreneurship journey, Stanley was professionally trained as a Computer Systems Engineer in Arizona State University (USA).  He is currently a member of Mensa Society, with an IQ of 164, and an active member of EO (Entrepreneurs' Organization) Malaysia.  In his free time, Stanley trains for triathlon races, invest in properties and trade stocks and options in US market. He likes to travel with his wife and he is an amateur photographer.  Stanley Chee casually writes on his personal blog and aspires to publish a book.

He is one of the few certified Google Regional Trainers in Southeast Asia, conducting AdWords classes for Google.  He is also a public speaker on digital marketing and entrepreneurship.  He has recently spoken about the future of digital marketing in TEDxISKL, sharing the stage with renowned speakers like Marina Mahathir and JinnyBoy. He was awarded "Most Influential Digital Marketing Leaders 2016" by World Brand Congress.

Past Speaking Engagements

EO Asia Bridge Forum Fukuoka (2017) - Stanley shared about the future of digital marketing to a group of 100 over entrepreneurs during the Asia Bridge Forum that took place in Fukuoka, Japan.

Asia Pacific University (2017) - Stanley gave a talk to an audience of over 200 engineering, IT and MBA students on entrepreneurship, titled "7 Things I Learnt In MY Entrepreneur Journey".

VISTAGE (2016-2017) - Stanley was invited to share his knowledge and insights in digital marketing to groups of business owners (VEE-10, VCE-18, VCE-27, VCE-31, VCE-57, KEY-14 and KEY-19) in VISTAGE.

11street Academy (2016) - Stanley was invited by Google Malaysia to conduct a Google AdWords workshop at 11street Academy.  Over 50 11street merchants attended the interactive workshop.

TEDxISKL (2016) - Stanley spoke to an audience of 150 people about "The Not-So-Distant Future of Digital Marketing".  He shared the stage with other renowned speakers, including Marina Mahathir and JinnyBoy.  YouTube video of the digital marketing talk.

UCSI University SEE Conference (2015) - Stanley gave a talk to an audience of 150 people on entrepreneurship, titled "Five Myths about Entrepreneurship", in their inaugural SEE (Student Entrepreneurial Experience) Conference.  He shared the stage with other great entrepreneurs, including Dato Peter Ng (the founder of UCSI University) and Dato Wei Chuan Beng (the founder of RedTone).  The talk on entrepreneurship was captured in this blog post.

ICMS (2014) - Stanley was invited to speak to The International Council of Malaysian Scholars and Associates.  He shared his entrepreneur journey and what he learned about networking.

MaGIC (2014) - Stanley gave a talk on "Google AdWords" to a crowd of 200 people before the first #MyCyberSale event in Malaysia.

G.E.T Seminar (2014) - Stanley was invited to talk about "Google AdWords" in multiple seminars organized by P1-Rakuten.

KWC eCommerce (2014) - Stanley talked about "Google AdWords" in KWC Fashion Mall.

Founders Institute (2014) - Stanley shared his entrepreneur journey and "Five Myths about Entrepreneurship" to a group of 30 young entrepreneurs.

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